Checkr Opens Opportunities for Millions to Drive for RMDA

02/15/2022 4:13 AM | Alison Guzzio (Administrator)

Delivery Service Providers Continue to Experience Record Growth; Fair Chance Employment is the Win for Small business, the Economy and American People with Safety at its Core

February 15, 2022 – Austin, TX – Restaurant Marketing and Delivery Association (RMDA) announced today its partnership with Checkr, the leading technology company in the background check industry.  Checkr is also joining the President Club as a top line sponsor to elevate the resources available to RDMA members.

RMDA is building the best practice ecosystem for its 500+ members, who utilize a current network of 30,000+ drivers and are committed to help establishments elevate customer experiences. The organization has been focused solely on food delivery, but is expanding to other products as the demand for transport-of-everything continues to grow exponentially.

"The Checkr platform helps organizations hire a wider range of individuals to support the growing volume of open roles in the transport industry," stated Kristen Faris, SVP, Customer Success and Solutions, Checkr. "By tackling the impact of criminal records on employment, Checkr technology connects companies to more diverse pools of qualified talent and helps them reduce bias throughout the hiring process—opening millions of opportunities for people to join local members of the RMDA."

Screenings Included:

        SSN Trace

        Sex Offender Registry

        National Criminal Records Search

        Global Watchlist Check

“Our membership base continues to execute against the forecast of adding 70,000 new drivers collectively this year,” said Andrew Simmons, president of the RMDA. “Our mission is to ensure the brand of each member is protected and the partnership with Checkr gives the insight and assurance that new hires are the right fit for their business.”

RMDA is hosting its national event in Nashville, TN April 25 – 27 and will bring together partners like Sauce, VROMO, Otter, Carvertise and its 500+ members from across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the UK, who represent a staggering $500+ M in revenue, to continue the evolution of the delivery world.

About Checkr:
Checkr's mission is to build a fairer future by designing technology to create opportunities for all. Established in 2014 and valued at $4.6 billion, Checkr builds people infrastructure for the future of work. We believe all candidates, regardless of who they are, should have a fair chance to work. That's why we've designed a faster—and fairer—way to screen job seekers. Many of the fastest-growing businesses in the world use Checkr's technology to easily initiate and review background checks. Our customers include Lyft, Instacart, Netflix, Adecco, Drift, Coinbase and more than tens of thousands of customers from SMBs to Fortune 500 employers. Join us in the effort to promote fair chance hiring at and on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

About The RMDA

The RMDA is comprised of 550 members across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the UK. Together, we represent a staggering $550 MILLION in revenue, making the organization the fourth largest delivery fleet, behind that of Uber, DoorDash and grubhub.

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