RMDA Local Delivery Networks Partner with Sauce

01/12/2022 9:30 AM | Alison Guzzio (Administrator)

Sauce Connects Restaurants to Local Delivery Service Providers Enabling Increased Profit Margins While Staying on Track with Consumer Trends


January 12, 2022 – Austin, TX -  Restaurant Marketing and Delivery Association (RMDA) announced today its partnership with Saucea Delivery OS that connects between restaurants, customers and local delivery companies.

“Experience and pricing between the restaurant and the customer is driving the shift to locally owned delivery services,” said Andrew Simmons, president of The RMDA. “Sauce is saving over 50% in commissions for restaurateurs and this in turn, impacts the consumer experience and costs of delivery.”

RMDA is building the best practice ecosystem for its 500+ members, who utilize a network of 30,000+ drivers and are committed to help food establishments elevate customer experiences. Sauce wants restaurants to fulfill their fullest potential while adhering to consumer demands for convenience, seamless digital experiences and safety, further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, this means giving local establishments everything they need to connect directly with their customers with the most lucrative contracts.

Partnering with Sauce, RMDA expands opportunity with restaurants, members and drivers.  “We connect local restaurants and delivery service providers we deliver food faster and reduce costs to the end customer by 20-40% per order,” said Sauce. “Sauce generates more delivery orders for local delivery companies, while also saving them costs potentially brought on by late drivers/errors as we always have a backup in place.

RMDA is hosting its national event in Nashville, TN April 25 – 27 and will bring together partners like Sauce, VROMO, Otter, Checkr and its 500+ members from across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the UK, who represent a staggering $500+ M in revenue, to continue the evolution of the delivery world.

About The RMDA

The RMDA is comprised of 550 members across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the UK. Together, we represent a staggering $550 MILLION in revenue, making the organization the fourth largest delivery fleet, behind that of Uber, DoorDash and grubhub.

getsauce.com) is a Delivery Network and Operating System (OS) for successful local restaurants. Sauce uses innovative algorithms to optimize the restaurant delivery ordering process from end-to-end, reducing costs, optimizing logistics and ultimately providing diners with a superior and more economical service. Founded in 2019, Sauce manages delivery for local restaurants in over 4000 US cities and has offices in New York, Miami, Kiev, and Tel Aviv. 

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