why join the rmda?

The RMDA began in 2013 to bring local delivery companies together to share stories and help each other achieve success in the market.  Since then, the industry has grown considerably, especially since COVID. 

The RMDA is now over 500 members strong, and has grown to connect our membership to services and tools that help them to improve their operations and to provide additional services to their partnered restaurants. We also have developed relationships with national brands to bring new opportunities to the membership.  

Becoming a member of the RMDA is about supporting local businesses, building the biggest fleet of local drivers and services in the nation, and bringing together all aspects of the industry to foster a healthy and thriving community that can provide superior service to customers across the western hemisphere.

Restaurant Delivery 

Our core group that makes up the majority of our members.  Select if you own a business that offers delivery and restaurant services, and you employ or contract drivers in your market.

Corporate Vendors

Check out our vendor membership options to gain access to our network of delivery company members nationwide. You will then have the opportunity to present and offer your services to the membership.


Own a business that needs delivery? Not only will you have access to all our members for coverage, but a wealth of resources to help streamline operations and reduce expenses. 

Independent Drivers

Gain access to benefits such as Occupational Accident insurance, dash cam systems, delivery equipment and more. Only $10/yr.

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